Course Overview: 

B.Sc in Animation and Graphics is an all-in-one course that will prepare you completely for a career in the field of animation and graphics. The exclusively designed course provides training in graphic design, 2D and 3D animations, filmmaking and video editing.

Students will learn from industry experts in the most advanced studios. They will get to attend various talks and meet industry leaders. At the end of the course, students will be offered placement and internship opportunities.




36 Month


12th Grade


21 Software


37 Skills

Software Covered

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effect

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Audition





Action Script

Animate CC d

Animate CC

Marvelous Designer icon

Marvelous Designer



Substance 3D Painter

Z Brush




3D Equalizer


First Year

Second Year

Third Year

  • Concept of Color Theory
  • Pre-production concepts for Animation
  • Concept for Classical 2d Animation
  • 2D Graphics Art and Design Photoshop
  • Fundamental concept For Graphics
  • Art Elements for Design
  • 2D Animation Complete Pipeline
  • 2D Graphics Art and Design Lab
    Practical Photoshop
  • Pre-production concepts for Animation Lab Practical
  • Fundamental of Blender 3D
  • Essentials Elements of 3D Texturing
  • Essential of Art
  • Introduction To Multimedia
  • Cinematography Technique for Films
  • Fundamentals of Blender 3D Lab Mini Project
  • Essentials Elements of 3D Texturing Lab Mini Project
  • Essentials of 3D character Animation
  • Fundamental Concept of Visual Effects
  • Advanced 3d Lighting & Rendering Methods
  • Advanced Sculpting Technique in Z-brush
  • Advance Compositing with Vfx in Nuke
  • Essentials Concept of Unreal Game Engine
  • Industrial Training
  • Film Production Process
  • Animation Film Project
  • Gaming Production Pipeline
  • VFX Shot Project

Why Tron School of Animation?

Govt. Approved Centre of Excellence(COE) in Pune

Tron Education is a pioneer in providing courses for AVGC professionals in Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Film Making. We are the government-awarded Centre of Excellence (COE) in Pune.

Guaranteed Placement Assistance

Tron Education has a vast network of leading companies and entertainment studios in the industry, opening the doors to opportunities for all our students. Along with placement and internship opportunities, students are given guidance for the interview process.

State of the Art Infrastructure

Tron Education is among Pune’s best animation and graphics institutes and has been awarded the Centre of Excellence. Our state-of-the-art lab facilities and infrastructure allow students to explore the industry’s best technologies and software.

Strong Foundation

TRON Education’s module is based on developing students’ design thinking and helping them grow artistically. With the best curriculum and faculty, our courses help students create a strong foundation and enhance their unique innovation skills.



FAQ on degree in animation and vfx ?

1. What is B.Sc animation?

B.Sc is a 3-year (6-semester) degree program that offers various vocational skills such as animation, graphic design,  VFX, game designing, and much more. Colleges and universities offer this course with placement assurance.

2. Which degree is best for animation?

Various artists hold a degree in animation and graphics. BSc and B.Sc are India’s most sought degree options that offer good training in the field and make you job ready in the 3-year course.

3. Are B.Sc courses expensive?

B.Voc degree fees majorly depend on where you enrol. Generally, reputable institutes offer world-class infrastructure, including high-end software and well-equipped labs. Additionally, they may provide placement opportunities with good companies. 

4. What is the scope of the B.Sc course in animation and Graphics?

The B.Voc in Animation and Graphics Design is a career-oriented degree that teaches students basic to advanced levels of animation, film production, 2D, 3D, website development and visual effects.

5. Can I join Tron B.Sc courses after the 12th?

You can enrol for the Tron B.Sc in animation Pune after the 12th. For a 12th-pass student, we recommend B.Sc Course, which covers everything you need to set a strong foundation. It’ll help you understand the scope of animation and graphics. If artistic fields interest you, you can explore career opportunities in the field of art from B Vocation.