There was a time when the animation industry was regarded as an odd career path with few opportunities. Now the media industry has grown and merged with other industries, the animation industry has benefited greatly. This has also brought a huge hike in animator salary in India.

According to a recent media and entertainment industry report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Indian animation and visual effects industry has the potential to grow from 10% to 20-25% by 2025.

The government is also heavily supporting the animation industry, and the newly unveiled promotion task force for the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics) sector is a significant step toward increasing domestic capacity to meet our markets and global demand.

Factors that determine animator salary in India

Education and training 

With an animation degree, you can pursue careers in animation, entertainment, arts and design, gaming, advertising, filmmaking, digital news media, and online education.

Multimedia artists are required by some of these sectors. The animation will always undergo quick changes and technological advancements because of this. Thus, maintaining a strong portfolio of assignments and upgrading your skills is crucial. You may select one of the following roles which determine animator salary.

3D modellers: These experts in the field of animation create 3D environments and characters for animators. In order to accomplish this, they create textures and surface representations, then wrap them around a 2D digital frame.

The average salary of a 3D Modeller is 3.0 lakhs per annum.

3D animators: They use specialised tools to develop backgrounds, characters’ three-dimensional movements, and other features of an animated world.

The average salary of a 2D and 3D Animator is 3.0 lakhs per annum.

Character animator: Character animators manipulate animated characters in 2D or 3D environments. The most crucial element of animation is this.

The average salary of a 3D Character Animator is 3.5 lakhs per annum.

Video game designer: The characters, levels, puzzles, and other visual components for the virtual world are all made by animators for video games.

The average salary of a Video game Designer is 4 lakhs per annum.

Art director: Based on instructions from the copywriter, an art director will present visual ideas to the client. To create successful advertising campaigns, they also work together on various designs.

The average salary of an Art Director is 7.5 lakhs per annum.

CGI or Animation supervisor: By combining animation components like live-action video, visual effects, and computer-generated images, these visual effects professionals assist compositors in producing an appealing image (CGI). The idea is to make watching more enjoyable.

The average salary of an Animation Supervisor is 7.5 lakhs per annum.

animator salary in india

Experience and portfolio 

An Entry-level position Animator with under three years of experience can expect to make an annual salary of about 3 lakhs. An experienced animator with 10–20 years of experience makes an average salary of 7.3 Lakhs per year, compared to 4.6 Lakhs for a mid-career animator with 4–9 years of experience.


Most animators are employed by studios for film and television, animation, software, and video game development in large cities. Although staff animators typically work a 40-hour workweek, there are times when extra time may be required to meet deadlines.

Freelance animators often work irregular hours, which can vary depending on their financial goals or the availability of projects. Although they aren’t required to be at work during regular business hours, they frequently work evenings and weekends. While freelance animators frequently work by themselves at home, they also have more opportunities to interact with others than most other working artists.

Below is the average animator salary in India for 5 different locations.

animator salary in india per month

Job role and responsibilities

Animators need to be creative and original. They must be creative as well as, they should have ideas, though it is common for animators to team up with writers for concepts. They need to be perceptive and have a humorous personality (or a good dramatic sense) to recognize people’s distinctive qualities and interesting social quirks.

Animators must also be adaptable. They must be prepared to accommodate their employers’ requirements because their art is frequently commercial if they want to develop a large clientele and make a respectable living. Additionally, they must be able to accept criticism and suggestions with dignity.

Note: Animators with a highly creative mind and strong grip on the tools or software are paid more than the other animators.

3D Animator Salary in India

In India, the salary of a 3D animator varies on the factors mentioned above which are education, experience, portfolio, companies, location and job roles.

Basically 3D animation salary varies because 3D animation is not a normal task which can be done by every individual. 3D animation doesn’t just require any coding or drawing skill.

It requires a strong grip on software and tools like Blender, Maya, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

It requires a skill to create 3D models, characters and then arrange them to create an illusion or desired effect.

Let’s break down 3D Animator salary in India on the basis of every essential factor:

3D Animator Salary based on Experience:

Experience 3D Animator Salary
0 to 1 year (Internship) 30000/annum
1 to 2 years 2.3 Lakhs/annum
2 to 4 years 3.5 Lakhs/annum
5 to 7 years 4.7 Lakhs/annum
8 to 10 years 5.5 Lakhs/annum
11 to 15 years 7 to 10 Lakhs/annum

3D Animator Salary based on cities in India:

City in India 3D Animator Salary
New Delhi ₹25,600/month
Bangalore ₹27,600/month
Chandigarh ₹28,000/month
Surat ₹25,300/month
Mumbai ₹24,300/month
Kolkata ₹25,000/month
Chennai ₹24,400/month
Pune ₹30,600/month

Here it is considered that the experience of a 3D Animator is 2 to 4 years. This is the point of time when you have learned about 3D animation and you know the exact use of tools and softwares.

3D Animator Salary based on Indian companies and experience they want:

Company Name Experience the company wants 3D Animator Average Salary
Datagen 2-8 years 8 Lakhs/annum
Vstretch Imageworks 5-9 years 6.1 Lakhs/annum
Technicolor 3-10 years 6 Lakhs/annum
Assemblage Entertainment 3-6 years 5.8 Lakhs/annum
Embibe 3-12 years 5.5 Lakhs/annum
BYJU’S 2-7 years 5 Lakhs/annum
DNEG Creative Services 2-8 years 4.9 Lakhs/annum
Eduisfun 2-5 years 4.2 Lakhs/annum
88 Pictures 2-4 years 4.4 Lakhs/annum
Green Gold Animation 1-6 years 3.5 Lakhs/annum

This is not the perfect salary that a company offers. This is the average salary which a company offers. You can get a better salary depending on the performance. You can search and apply for these companies.

If you are a beginner, then by seeing this you will get a better idea to do 3D animation and know the salary that you will get after practising 3D animation.

Note: All the 3D animator salaries mentioned above are just an average. You can earn better if you have the skills, creativity and when you are great at the execution.

2D Animator Salary in India

2D animation is used to create cartoons, movies, videos, advertisements, games and so much. The demand for 2D animation has increased a lot, but do you know WHY?

Whenever 2D animation is used in websites, videos, ads, etc, the conversion rate of business is increased by 20%. That’s why businesses are hiring 2D animators to grow their business.

2D animator salaries vary depending on all the factors mentioned above. We will give you an estimated idea of 2D animator salary depending on all these factors.

2D Animator Salary based on Experience:

Experience 2D Animator Salary
0 to 1 year (Internship) 20-30k/annum
1 to 2 years 2.3 Lakhs/annum
2 to 4 years 3 Lakhs/annum
5 to 7 years 3.9 Lakhs/annum
8 to 10 years 4.3 Lakhs/annum
11 to 15 years 6 Lakhs/annum

2D Animator Salary based on cities in India:

City in India 2D Animator Salary
New Delhi ₹3 Lakhs/annum
Bangalore ₹4 Lakhs/annum
Mumbai ₹3.3 Lakhs/annum
Kolkata ₹2 Lakhs/annum
Chennai ₹3 Lakhs/annum
Pune ₹3.3 Lakhs/annum

Here it is considered that the experience of a 2D Animator is 2 to 4 years. You can get a better salary than the average salary mentioned above by enhancing your skills and practising 2D animation as per industry standards.

2D Animator Salary based on Indian companies and experience they want:

Company Name Experience the company wants 2D Animator Average Salary
Phonato Studios 5-9 years 7.2 Lakhs/annum
Embibe 1-7 years 5.5 Lakhs/annum
BYJU’S 3-7 years 6 Lakhs/annum
Lido Learning 2-4 years 4.6 Lakhs/annum
Advids.Co 2-4 years 4.5 Lakhs/annum
Extramarks Education 2-6 years 4.1 Lakhs/annum
Bada Business 1-3 years 3.3 Lakhs/annum
Paperboat Design Studios 1-5 years 2.5 Lakhs/annum
Digitoonz 1-4 years 2.1 Lakhs/annum

These are some average salaries that a 2D animator gets when they have this much experience. But don’t get confused after checking these salaries, you can get more if you work on the skills of 2D animation.

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What skills do Animators need to earn more?

Here is a list of animation skills that an animator needs to earn more or grab a high-salaried package:

  1. Visual effects
  2. 3D rendering
  3. Drawing and composition
  4. Design and animation software
  5. Character rigging
  6. Animation fundamentals
  7. Storyboarding
  8. Colour theory
  9. Motion capture software

Which softwares can make you a skilled animator?

There are many softwares which an animator can use. But to be a skilled animator, you should know the functioning of every software. Here is the list of best softwares that skilled animators use:

Salary Negotiation

When an animation company makes you a job offer, it usually comes with a package that includes a suggested salary. However, you may decide to negotiate for more if you believe the pay does not convey your education, career level, skill set, and strengths. You could also propose an alternative payment method (like stock options or equity) or extra benefits.

Salary negotiation is one of the most valuable skills that can boost your earning potential throughout your career and help to ensure you are fairly compensated for the work you do. To succeed, though, preparation and practice are necessary, just like with any skill.

Before appearing for any interview with a company, try to make yourself a skilled animator. A skilled animator is someone who has huge knowledge of creative ideas and he/she knows the techniques to use 2D/3D animation softwares.


Young people are leaning toward animation because it is a rewarding and lucrative career. Newbies to the field typically work as junior animators in film companies and production houses. Today, one of the professions with the fastest growth is animation. The need for increasingly talented animators has increased job opportunities and raised interest in animation as a lucrative career path. The animation industry needs more than 30,000 professionals each year, so demand has surpassed supply.

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FAQs on Animator Salary in India

What is the average animator salary in India?

The average animator salary in India is ₹3 lakhs per annum. But an animator salary depends on various factors like skills, tools an animator uses, experience and city in which you do the job.

How does an animator salary in India change with experience?

Animator with 0-3 years experience has an annual salary of 3 lakhs/annum, 4-9 years of experience has an annual salary of 4.5 lakhs/annum and 10-20 years of experience has an average salary of 7.5 lakhs/annum.

What is the starting salary of an animator in India?

The starting salary of an animator in India is 2.5 to 3k per month. The amount in internship is too less but, if you don’t do the execution in the beginning then you can’t be a skilled animator in future.

What are the top skills required to be a high-salaried animator?

The main skill an animator need is creativity and observational skills but here is an comprehensive list of skills: