Animation Institute in Pune – All Your Questions Answered! 

Animation Institute in Pune

With the popularity of Animation and VFX studies increasing globally, it makes sense that it has reached our beloved Pune!  Pune is called the Oxford of the East, and rightly so! Students from across the country and the world come to Pune to explore and study at the fantastic universities and eat delicious misal and […]

What is 3d Animation?

what is 3d animation

            What do all these images have in common besides being cool? They’re all 3D animated images. But what is 3D Animation?  3D Animation is the art of using motion to bring characters and elements to life. This creates an illusion that these elements are moving through 3 Dimensional space. […]

From Concept to Creation: The Journey of Character Design

How to design a character

Are you curious about what goes into creating a memorable character  through animation character design? Look no further. A skilled anime character designer uses fundamental character design principles and puts a lot of thought into bringing characters to life in a believable and engaging way. From Maui in “Moana” to the iconic characters from “The […]

Difference Between 2D and 3D Animation

Difference between 2D and 3D Animation

Animation has a special place in presenting visual stories. Be it the story of Tom and Jerry fighting or Mickey Mouse roaming in his Clubhouse. Animators have successfully earned their respect for the art by entertaining, educating, and enchanting their audiences. Now, it’s your time to learn 2D and 3D animation. Although it is easy […]