12 Principles of Animation to Become an Expert Animator

Principal of animation

Animation has made its way long from starting with simple 2-D sketches to 3-D animated entertainment videos and commercials.  12 Principles of Animation, developed by Disney Animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, is a guide to illustrate anime in such a way that its movements and characters match the real world. Knowing these principles is core […]

Top 15 Most Popular Anime Characters 2023

popular anime charactere

Do you love watching Anime? In this creative world, animated series offer us fun and joy with a simple and crisp storyline and give us an idle character who inspires us.  Sometimes, they inspire you to create such captivating and memorable anime characters. To create one, you must dive deep into the anime world and […]

Why You Should Learn Animation and VFX from Tron Education

Animation and VFX from Tron Education

Do you aspire to become an animator and VFX artist? Do you have the institute list ready to choose one of the best Animation and VFX institutes for your dream career?  Before learning about Tron Education to learn Animation and VFX, let’s understand India’s soaring demand for animators and VFX artists. Animation and VFX are […]

Everything about becoming a 3D Animator

Everything about Becoming a 3D Animator

If you feel fascinated by animated characters and exciting environments and feel the passion for using your imagination and creativity to design heart-melting visuals, then 3D animation is probably for you. 3D Animation is growing rapidly in the world. Due to its wide application in movies, video games, advertisements, or architectural visualisation, 3D animation is […]

VFX Artist : Unlocking the Secrets to a Successful Career in Visual Effects

How to Become a VFX Artist

Have you ever wondered what the VFX industry in India has in common with a soaring rocket? It’s projected to experience a mind-boggling growth rate of 18% CAGR between 2021 and 2026! If you’re interested in a career in VFX, this is great news. But how do you become a VFX artist? Now that we’ve […]

Designing Courses After 12th: Unleash Your Artistic Genius

Designing Courses After 12th

Attention, passionate design enthusiasts! Fear not, this article shall serve as your compass in the vast sea of design education. Are you aware that India’s thriving design industry demands a staggering number of 62,000 designers, while only 7,000 are deemed qualified? This gives us an urgent call for design aspirants like YOU, who are in […]

Animation Institute in Pune – All Your Questions Answered! 

Animation Institute in Pune

With the popularity of Animation and VFX studies increasing globally, it makes sense that it has reached our beloved Pune!  Pune is called the Oxford of the East, and rightly so! Students from across the country and the world come to Pune to explore and study at the fantastic universities and eat delicious misal and […]

What is 3d Animation?

what is 3d animation

            What do all these images have in common besides being cool? They’re all 3D animated images. But what is 3D Animation?  3D Animation is the art of using motion to bring characters and elements to life. This creates an illusion that these elements are moving through 3 Dimensional space. […]

From Concept to Creation: The Journey of Character Design

How to design a character

Are you curious about what goes into creating a memorable character  through animation character design? Look no further. A skilled anime character designer uses fundamental character design principles and puts a lot of thought into bringing characters to life in a believable and engaging way. From Maui in “Moana” to the iconic characters from “The […]

Maya vs 3ds Max: A Detailed Comparison

3Ds Max vs Maya

Which 3D design software is best for you? Let’s see who wins the animation tools war, Maya vs 3ds Max. Maya and 3ds Max are standard 3D animation softwares in almost all professional studios and companies across various industries. Interestingly, both these software are owned by the same company, Autodesk. Maya, however, was acquired by […]